Trash Can Liners
Item # Size Gallons Case size Color Bag Type
B3339H 33x39 33 100 Black Low-D
B3858H 38x58 55 100 Black Low-D
B3858X 38x58 55 100 Black Low-D
B4046H 40x46 40-45 100 Black Low-D
B4348H 43x47 56 100 Black Low-D
BR2424 24x24 7-10 1000 Clear Hi-D
BR2433 24x33 12-16 1000 Clear Hi-D
BR3037H 30x37 30 500 Clear Hi-D
BR3340 33x40 33 500 Clear Hi-D
BR3660 36x60 55 200 Clear Hi-D
BR4048H 40x48 45 200 Clear Hi-D
C3858XH 38x58 55 100 Clear Low-D
POLY HD4348HC 43x48 56 200 Clear Hi-D
POLY P33-ROLL 24x33 12-16 500 Black Low-D
POLY P56-ROLL 44x48 58 100 Black Low-D
POLY RBLS55AX 44x55 65 100 Black Low-D
POLY W4046H 40x46 40-45 100 White Low-D
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